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At our June GM at Moss Field, members resolved to trial a ‘Safety Observation Sheet’

This was designed by our members, to help improve the Club’s community spirit particularly in relation to safety. Members are encouraged to jot down (anonymously) safety issues that others may not be aware of, so that they can be shared without blame. This is so that the Club and its members can improve and we can have more fun, more safely.  The Committee may  at some time in the future, share some of our findings and ways we’ve resolved issues with the State body,  ANSW.

So all members have to do if you’re observing practices that may be from… just plain annoying to potentially really unsafe, is to jot them down and put them in the Club’s Suggestion Box in the main container. ‘A Safety Observation’ sheet has been designed for this purpose, and is available at the Suggestion Box or can be downloaded from the website. No names are necessary, but can be volunteered if a member wants to discuss the suggestion with someone in the Committee. The member can then leave a name and phone number for the Safety Officer, CFI, President or other Committee Member to give them a call for a chat.

Download here, or from the Documents page.

Please refer to the NSW Government Website for the latest on COVID 19 restrictions.

All GCAC Members and Visitors

On the recommendation of NSW Forestry and Aeromodellers NSW.

There is now no flying at any of the GCAC outdoor flying venues during Total Fire Bans.

This includes Moss Field and the Mt Penang Dam.

It has been implemented as a club rule. It is for all aircraft types including battery and IC. The risk of a fire in the forest is too great and we ask all members respect this new flight ban.

To check Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans, visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website on this link.

GCAC Committee

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