Our Flying Field

Moss Field is located at the top of Mangrove Road from Narara, we are very central on the coast and easy to find.

There are 2 ways to access the flying field, from the north and from the south.

From the northen end it’s easiest to get to the club via Dog Trap road at Ourimbah, which tee’s off the Pacific Highway opposite the RSL club and links up with Mangrove road once you cross the freeway.

The Southern end is accessed by getting onto Narara Valley Drive and following it until you can turn off directly onto Mangrove road and drive up the hill. The street address is 195 Mangrove Rd Somersby.

Gosford City Aeromodellers Club has transformed an old car dumping ground into a nicely grassed airstrip with many amenities being added along the way. This has not come easily and has taken thousands of hours and hard work by the members to get it into the state it is now. Our field has some shelter and seating to help maintain a comfortable and enjoyable experience by everyone who stops in.

If you are thinking of coming up for a look, please feel free to chat with the members and check out some of the planes and the flying, but please remember that this is an outdoor activity and you should pack accordingly. There are not always drinks available so it is recommended that if you plan on hanging around for an hour or two that you bring at least a bottle of water, a hat and sunscreen.

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